Working hard 20/4

I've been back to school for my second semester and I'm not yet in the mood to study- not till now. I have to thank the Dong Bang Boys for that. Kamsahamnida (sorry, too lazy to type in Hanguk).

I'm in a crisis myself but its something I should learn how to resolve myself. Apparently the Motorola I got has brought me a crisis on the low. I'll fix it when I get the chance so I'm a kid with no phone. Boo Hoo.

I saw this at the cafeteria and I wanted to try it out. It turns out that what I'm paying for is actually the whole grape pulp inside which doesn't even look like a grape. It looks like mutated Jello. It's scary!

Barack Rocks the vote

Mr. Eloquent, Barack Obama, won against Sen. McCain during the elections. I missed out on the action and after hearing first hand from the locals what his plans are for the US. I'm afraid that he might turn the US like the Philippines' democratic system. I can only hold on to my butt.

These guys made me proud
For inspiring me to get back to studying. Thank you to TVXQ and for winning so many awards. Though they didn't win the Artist of the year award that doesn't mean that they didn't do their best. It just so happens that Big Bang really deserved it this time. However I'm still disappointed with their album release AGAIN. I hope it won't be the same as last year. Congratulations to all the winners!

Max's crying definitely moved me... Yoochun was just about to let go as well

As for me I have a dozen of eggs to crack and beat. I want to dissect a frog soon but maybe I'd pass out. Just for the lolz!

Later Days

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