UP AME 8th Ave

Just for today I get to enjoy half a day full of cosplay splendor. I made the most of my 100PHP entrance. Nothing too heavy though, I didn't see Jin (Nejin).

First off As I lined up to get in I spotted Bogs (mini reunion) then I met up with Panda (Iya Alvaran) after I got in. I met her brother and he's cool with the anime revolution going on. Nothing much was going on and we killed time by checking out the food stalls first.

Nothing tastes better than the Takuyaki I had @ Ate Luke's!

But that isn't as interesting as 'OMG kawaii bento' whose bento boxed meals are cute and I wouldn't really say the same for the taste but don't take my word for it. I only tried the potato tonkatsu or whatever that bear is supposed to be. I give props because they live up to the name KAWAII BENTO- Yo!

Actually I meet a lot of people today so I didn't really get the chance to take as much pictures. I got reunited with Bogs, met Janina, Janna (both my school mates), Kuya Neil to name a few. It's kinda nice to put it that way, you meet people with same interests (sometimes you won't even know) in the same places you go to.

I be terribly worried if...

the bear didn't eat lolz. I gotta remember where I saw this bear from

Before the cosplay catwalk was the karaoke contest while me and Iya were eating. One contestant sang Mika Nakashima's "Cry No More". For me, she hit the notes quite right. Later in the afternoon we had Asian Chicken Festival perform several songs and I really wished they did 'Linda Linda' (I think the pillows sung this? I can't remember). They almost did but they sang something else. They're pretty good though, I'd like to catch them on another con soon.

Asian Chicken Festival

Meet-up with the fans
This should be a given. If its a big con expect the fan girls to come (myself included). I met up with KT Jr. and the male member of KT Jr. (which I only knew off today~whee for history!) + Ate Katz, Ate Ayiese, Ate Lhuke, Ate Jena and the rest of the JE marshals (yosh~ addressing sempais in that manner AGAIN).

Mari-z in the lalaland Cosplay is NOT for geeks!

later days

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