Lost in cyberspace

I was just checking out my search statistics just to know if I am still googleable. There's 90% chance that you can find me on google. 12% on social networks. Lets keep everything else on a need to know basis from here.

Today's little piece of action
I'm taking the credit for myself because I've heard better from Ma'am Sol Aragones (The reporter from ABS-CBN). She had a little talk at my school yesterday. I even caught a glimpse of Mario Dumawal whom I find quite interesting. One thing for sure is that I'm not into the news casting but I'm in it for the entertainment. Let's fix up the country's source of primetime entertainment shall we?

You're as good as your last show

I was asked to emcee a school program last minute this morning. My my- and indeed I was as good as my last show. I think this was more of a slap in the face for me for not taking life seriously- yeah not even after I said that DBSK did me a favor for the inspiration.

Don't get me wrong though. I did need and wanted the experience. I'm just as glad as a pig could be after finding out that there were only 3 college societies who are aware of my blunt act of stupidity. I'll just let it pass because I really needed something like this, right now.

so then again I have to thank the Gods for letting me screw up on the last part. (I am really making a big deal out of it). I always LOVE criticizing a public speaker but the best person I've criticized, is myself. I can tell for myself that today was my most careless work in the longest time.

Not even song projects for MarzoPop did the call for me till today.

Kids, update your life; upload your lessons into your braincells; grab every opportunity because frankly there are no second chances in the world.

I hope you guys are aware that I'm still in university. Just dancing in the dark.

Later days


if you know this person... haha Let's meet soon ;]

EL NIDO -Soon-

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