Food From The Lion's Lair

Well I've made my smidgetty post over at 'Marz of The World' that doesn't stop me from making another statement over here.

Let's start with the food trip. I must admit I can't get over the food and every time I get hungry I could only think of eating Singaporean noodles. I'm having a hard time adjusting to how it is like back here in Philly.

Ever tried Apple Aloe Vera ice? Its like another type of ice kachang except there's a different topping on it.

This shouldn't be new to you kids since it's just like a mini version of cheesecakes which I WISHED and HOPED that we had here.

The whole time I was out eating at hawkers I never had just water (I brought a small bottle with me all the time). The most interesting would be this

This is called Bandung but the cafeteria lady pronounced it BAN-dong. My mom was like "Whats this? Rose drink?!!!" and I go "Yeah (I suppose)". It tastes like lychee in pink but smells like roses. WTH? right? but it's all good.

I couldn't help myself but eat once I get hold of my bowl of noodles or whatever but here's another dish I don't get too often.

Satay (Mutton + Pork), Kwar Pai Tee, Carrot Cake.

something weird about this carrot cake is that there's no carrot. I don't know what's in it but it sure tastes good. I reviewed a new word while I was eating. Must remember Kwar=fried.

There's a lot of learning when you travel. I wanna go back here!

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