Out with the old in with the new

I finally decided to replace my SGH-E310 with a Moto this time. I feel really perplexed using Nokia phones.

I've seen Mau (Paredes) with this phone back in 1st sem and I really had it coming for me. So yeah I ended up getting the same phone. I couldn't bear getting a really expensive phone. I got this for 292 HKD. Real cheap compared to buying it in Philly which I heard goes about for 7 thousand, well that's what Mau told me. I don't have that kind of money to waste.

So now you can keep in touch with me... After my vacation

no kidding.

Celebrating Celebrations.
I know more than one person is celebrating his/her birthday on the 22nd of this month namely Greg, Wax (Gonzales), and The Jin (ahaha sorry, fangirling over the cosplayer). Speaking of cosplayer I've suddenly took a liking of what behindinfinity is posting on her DA journal. The fangirl/boy's heaven of yaoi cosplayers (But I know better than that right?)

whats this? Diabetes cake? PLEH!

I couldn't be bothered with blogging or uploading music for anyone. I'm pretty much caught with my games on my DS. I didn't imagine myself being hooked on Taikyo no tasujin, a Japanese musical game and just for the reason that it's got some of my fave J-pop tunes, it really got me in my gamer zone. Same goes for Rock Revolution. Except it's more on American songs.

Summer has long ended. Winter look for 08.

not much effort in that huh? for the lolz

Catch you guys in S'pore in a week. HK in a while. Happy Halloween too!

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