Caught up in College

It feels like I've gone on a vacation when I'm only about to begin. Yeps, I've been around but not much... so to say being in blogger- yeah, not much last month but it's not that much of big deal.

Lots of big school events took place in Sept-Oct (I was out being caught up with life). I must say I've been productive and though I'm not really a fan of commuting, it helps me get a little exercise and a lot of Sunburn. Don't let me fool you though, I mean just imagining me pouring my time on studying like everyday was my finals then yes, don't believe me.

I finally got my hands on one of these

and for the past few days I haven't spent a day without holding my REDi just when I wrote about the news of Nintendo launching the DSi (on marzwantsthis). Apparently it has all the features I'm looking for that's being made in a homebrew app for the DSL.

When I take liking of gadgets... release dates just get the better of me, no? I'm looking into it but I'd pass for now because I'm really into the games right now. I gotta give propz to Greg for helping out on this one. Owe ya. big time.

The Asian Pop Don't Stop there!
I've been on my little -super- hiatus on workingon MarzMusic ever since I got my EDGE. I got busy working on these.

So I didn't leave the music behind even if I did get my edge. What's the point in that? :P - FANATIC MUCH. [Gimme ideas for DS skins]

Now my next target is a 32gb micro sd card. HAH! I hope I can even afford one!


S'PORE the lion's lair.

I WANNA SEE. jj lin, steffani sun, Tanya chua, MIROTIC MIROTIC MIROTIC LOL!

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Linnéa said...

Hello <3<3
long time since I have been on your blog ^^ finally it work for my computer to go in to your blog ;P
-hope you have a nice day ^^