Sports fest week

Ahhh these are the days I really like and loathe back in the the HS can. What used to be intramural to me is now sports fest. A completely new experience but nothing too heavy. No culture shock involved. The freshmen (kids like me) are actually kicking and screaming. Apparently when in College, its all the same crack attitude you show MINUS the fact that there won't be anyone coming up to you to tell you about what your doing wrong when your already doing everything wrong.

Nothing too heavy. No culture shock involved, so smile this way
Still I'm pissed by the fact that we still have no house help and I'm doing house chores. No wonder I like it better when I'm out of the house. However the weather is bad. There's a typhoon that's wrecking the ease in commuting home.

Guess who's gay enough to cheer for Joax (Majille)?

Catching Up
I got hold of Big Bang's STAND UP mini album. It just so happens that Baduch took her SHINee album yesterday from Ate Pao so meeting her is inevitable.

That big bang packaging is off the Heezy! I'll prolli get another one of those :P If I'm in the mood.

Caught Between S'pore and Thailand
I want to go to Thailand to shop for albums; I want to go to S'pore for the food and experience. I don't think I can stand not shopping in S'pore. HECK! I'm already there (soon)


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