All year round diseases

Hey kids, Oh boy am glad to be up just now. I've been in woozy land for the past two days. I guess I went mad after that horrible brain hurting pain last Saturday. I visited the Doctor today... actually I already graduated last Sunday from my doctor for my vasculitis but here I am again, back to square one this time with a different disease.

Just a week after my brother got out of the can for Dengue, my mom won't give me a break on the theory that I have dengue. I can't blame her. I did my research on dengue today and I'm one point off the list of symptoms with fever up 105 F. Nasty, I tell ya... Nas-ty!

May I add to that I couldn't even get out of bed unless I forced myself. This dengue business sure is no joke. To the thought that I was about to rip my head off last Saturday from all the brain pain (is there such thing?)

I wasn't able to know what the results from the blood test and dengue antigen test is except my mom got word from the doctor that my white blood cell count is alarmingly low. I won't get my dengue antigen test result till I go back tomorrow and when I do I'll be having another blood test. Standard procedure for dengue patients.

Man I hate this! I can't eat, I can't sleep, I'm sick (UWAAAhahaha Namie Amuro What The HECK!>!). That's it I gotta run I'm suppose to skip school but maybe after I take my test.

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