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I guess I'm too lazy to post up pics for this post but as you know... I stand corrected. It's my fault for being a fan girl that I get caught in the middle for the second time around.

  • Glimpse of KAT-TUN Cons steals my attention from Big Bang's 2nd Concert
  • Se7en steals my attention away from Victory (Seung Ri Oppa)
  • w-inds. lyrics won me; YJ didn't (LOL, loser!)
From Their Seventh Avenue Album.. LOVE IS THE GREATEST THING
Dejavu dream
Future lovers, you and me

I have a feeling that I saw you before
And we'll fall in love again
We must be future loves, so are we
  • DivX player is an awesome player! nuff said
  • Pops In Seoul LIVE IN MANILA Episode aired! Why am I not on your tv screens?
  • Best fan service from GD and TOP... GAY GAY GAY

nothing makes sense.. I know. much of less significance to you than any other.

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Who's the game?
With what I'd hardly call three weeks, Sir Jelson took over Ma'am Padilla's class.. I found it funny how Ma'am looked frustrated today when she found out about what Sir Jelson's been teaching us. Though I found it even funnier how she told us how ridiculous she felt after her operation after finding three bandages over her major operation spots. No kidding. I don't wanna mess with someone who's fresh off the operating table. I've been through the same and we can talk about it (when I feel like it).

Sir Jelson in the middle

Its boring that I have to state the obvious that our class has many experiences being left by our male teachers starting with Sir KB then Sir Valderama (Though I know he's also just substitute teacher) Sir Jelson is no exception but it's good to know that he's considering teaching in my school.

It's a refreshing experience to have Sir Jelson as a teacher for the reason that he gets along with the class thanks to his 'napapanahon' ways of teaching (LoL, I got that from Ma'am Padilla just today). Perhaps if he didn't speak his mind about our generations little world we wouldn't have appreciated what he was teaching. I mean, why would I even bother remembering Wittgenstein's name if I didn't understand what he was trying to say
Die Grenzen meiner Sprache sind die Grenzen meines Geistes. Alles, was ich weiß ist das, was ich gesagt habe.
heiben zeiga heirtz ze deutche band?... Sheesh I KILL YOU No more German, please.

That's it. Captain's gotta catch sleep.

Later Days, Kids

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