It feels so good to be reunited with former classmates. Most of who are my childhood friends. Ahh the good times, the good times.

we hit the arcade while the others watched a movie. Me and Marc aren't really movie-goers but I do sometimes.

must win that toyieee

Marc's high score record

Tea Time @ Bubble Tea
I suggested to go, I got hungry.

Den, Jo and Lea followed after

hmm... what to eat

I drank two! OMGeeee Eating frenzy!

Taro Milk Tea w/ Ice cream

Peach Black tea (Tastes just right without the corn syrup)


bye Marz

Reunited with the kids from SCS is really something to look forward to. Dennis, Cess, Lea, Jo, Vanet, Ayla, Andrew, Jose, Marc, and (someone unlikely) Yoshi... but there was someone who I was looking forward to see went AWOL isn't that GAY?! (Den, busted me and knew who it was)

Later Days, Kids

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