Must be one of those days

Ahhggrr... I can't seem to settle down, that must mean I might have a visit from my big auntie any time soon (LoL) but I just can't seem to keep track of what I'm supposed to think of. Here comes the torn Fan girl attitude again. sucx being a fan of so many gorgeous men, but I like it either ways LOL!

School life- in college
It sucx! Don't get me wrong, I have a great school... more than what I can ask for but we've got (this and that) but that doesn't matter. I miss being a HS Senior, not like there's something I can do about it. Its usually this time of the year that I have to work on school plays and I kick butt in the directing sector trying to juice out what I assume is acting out of my mates who have a hard time expressing themselves (Again, I do not mean that in a negative way).

Joining the wayward crowd
I'm back in the reading blues this time, following the vast crowd Twilight fans. I'm reading at a speedy pace. I actually surprised myself. I've gotten really far after two sittings into reading the book.

Apparently I refuse to be seen failing or squealing as I read this book. Thankfully I haven't, though there are those occasional smirks and inside jokes that make me laugh as I read the book. What I find myself doing as I read the book is that I imagine Bella as Erika Toda and Edward as Mike (Pirath Nitipaisalkul)... and I get the shivers. I blame Suicide Note (SOOMPI)... its also driving me insane all at the same time. I suddenly got the urge to imagine Edward as Miyavi AHHHKK!!! *SUPER SQUEAL*... Now that's a real vampire or whatever you guys take Edward Cullen for.

the ever conventional prepaid card as a bookmark

Thanks Bugs (Kat Buganan) for lending this to me or I'd be caught dead reading Trese (Visual Print Enterprises).. I love the clean graphics and the un-BAKYA-ness of the dialogue.

Weather shmether
I don't think I can keep up with this weather but at least it happens on time. Least I find it amusing having to commute and get my uniform go gone with the wind and I'm not happy about it. I'm not really a fan of big storms right now. I'm far too well acquainted with its consequences. demmeooo I QUIL YOU!

beyond rain clouds over Quezon City

Later Days Kids,

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