The iPod alternative

I've already passed the idea of re-owning an iPod. I never liked it in the first place until I had one and apparently I lost interest in owning one again. Apple is just really not for me.

I passed up the opportunity of getting a PSP on my birthday since I am better off with kiddy games (Says Greg, coz he likes action games better) on the NDS Lite. Believe me, I'm still sticking to Nintendo but apparently they make costly gaming consoles in the world not to mention worth what you pay for... (I wouldn't say the same for the DS lite hardware though).

REDi, How it looks like on catalogs

I'm still not touchy with my DS as I am afraid that something might go wrong with it like the left hinge and not to mention the somewhat uneven touch screen but I don't mind it much since I enjoy playing. BUT BUT BUT that's not my point in this post!

Right now I'm still on tight budget to get my hands on a DS EDGE since I'm getting a lot of positive reviews on this piece of firmware. It supports up to 32GB micro sd memory cards. HOLY CRACK! THAT'S MORE THAN WHAT MY iPOD COULD HOLD!

Yeah yeah but you see I don't need all that space so I'm looking into available micro SD sizes here in the RP. Apparently the most commonly sold here is only 2 & 4 GB with a price of 675PHP - 1500PHP respectively, Pricey. While a 8GB micro sd would go for about 1210PHP ($27 ) if bought in US. The 8GB micro SD cards here (which is rare) goes for twice that price. Who wouldn't be mad?

What I Want
I know my mid-terms is coming up. I'm studying of course, so I'm sticking to my little sandwich just so that I can save up to get the DS EDGE + the 4 GB memory (Its a package so I don't have to problem about it much)

but then again my budget is always playing around 1-1,5 during school days. It wouldn't hurt to wait but I'm an impatient person.

Kids of the next gen, take it easy but don't be lazy. Don't be like me.

laid back, procrastinating, lazy, yet impatient person. What am I really ?

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Linnéa said...

love nitendo too!! ^^