I get caught somewhere in the middle

... For being friends with friends,
... for knowing things that go beyond the obvious
... for having unlimited human wants and needs
... for pursuing something I really like.

I get caught somewhere in the middle.

It's the 9th of the eighth month of the eighth year of the 21st century. What have I been missing out on? The Olympics is one thing. I don't see much of it on ABS or GMA (Can I say what the heck?). Missing out on all the fan girl action though I could finish watching Couple or Trouble today. I'm lost with the Uploads in MarzMusic but had a fairly decent upload schedule last week. Much to a do, I'd rather not go over trivial matters.

I'm just tired. Mid-terms are finally over. Whatta relief!

vandalism exists in my classroom

^What the..?!!!!

Today to kick-off from all the studying, me and a couple of block mates hit the arcade and I can bet my two cents that I wasn't exactly all out for all the action of games that I have been playing. I had no idea that I like shooting hoops... naaaaah what the heck.

Cabeza de Joaqin and Kutserong Isco

I took notice of that new Tekken machine... beautiful screen. I'd cop it but I'd rather play on my DS.

but right now I'd really rather sleep. I've still got to go to school tomorrow. DOPE! Its SUNDAY!
where have the numbers gone wrong?

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