Catching up

I've got more business to attend to rather than to blog right now but I choose the later :P.

Uwaahahaa I saw my Math Teacher (Ms. Albao- Miss GIRL!) on a game show today. I felt obliged to take pictures even if it was just on TV. Gosh I feel like a retard right now. I must have really missed her. Go SCS! I was inspired because Miss Girl was just so game that it didn't bother her much. She looked so enthusiastic!

Brother's confinement X Huwarang Pilipino
I should have blogged about this earlier but I was really tired that Friday (before my field trip). Its such a drag but Greg's out of the can and things seems to back to normal.. EXCEPT FOR ME (I'm very disoriented! -right now)

Congratulations for appearing in my blog winning Huwarang Pilipino!

Bananas in your dextrose holder anyone?

I gotta re-orient myself, kids.

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