Who wants to make my day?

Today I accompanied my mom to Cubao to meet Tita Annie who always takes her time off to visit us when we're in Florida. I had my own thing to do today and that was to get my hair fixed.

Before any of that, Mum also wanted to try out Bellini's at Cubao Expo so yeah we checked it out. Not so bad but I'd rather go for Volare.

Mum suggested that we try the Bench Fix since it was on the way. I wasn't too hyped about the idea because I'm not sure if they could get my hair done right. I was up for it though but the Trinoma branch was fully booked so my butt was saved. I just realized I was at the mercy of Venny's styling powers. If did do anything stupid. Like now. Well, I think its stupid but I do have my bold mistakes. Just like my hair now.

I can pull of Namie's 'New look' and at the same time

Look like ROCK LEE of Naruto. Demmet

I swear when I walked out of the salon I reminded myself of Soi Shin's hairstyle in (I Am Sam / I am your teacher). Lost identity. Please find it for me.

I am at the mercy of Venny OH NO!!!! what now?!

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