Swimming in troubled water

Who knew I'd get myself into this much? My first try at a cook-off. DEMMET (>o<)
Today I wasn't really expecting it but was beyond enthusiastic about the idea of our block joining the veggie cook-off. I'm not really a pro- at cooking so you should be saying
Marz, WTF
-Ate Sachi
That was from yesterday though. I rode the bus after buying an ice tea popsicle at the grocery. I'm assuming that I asked a stupid question so I got a well said answer. Nuff said.. back to the cooking.

It's health month if you didn't know (At least it is at my school). So we have all these activities about healthy food and stuff... DAYUMMM... Well here goes Marz and Majil (Gonazales) representing the whole of the College Freshmen Society. I didn't know who were representing till after we submitted our mediocre recipe. So you guys will probably catch me and Majil cooking like mad on Friday. How do you even cover a hash brown with breading??????

What's even more stupid was that we called our group 'Rising Panda' to commemorate Iya (Alvaran)'s participation in our team. Yes, she's a part of our team but only me and Majil will be doing the cooking. I can already see the faces of the people saying WTF?

After all our batch is called Rising Phoenix; since when did we convert to pandas? (Am I suddenly reunited with my YC-intl. Panda classmates?)


Later, kids

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