Style's Back Issue

Venny finally arrived today and helped me out with my clothes for my acquaintance party on Monday next week. Apparently the ROCK LEE look is currently in and Venny refuses to cut my hair until it grows back again . If Taemin-shi is sporting the look then why not me?

Taemin (SHINee)

Rock Lee (Naruto)

...That's nuts

Styling beyond
I took the liberty to enjoy the features of my IXY cam and took photos of myself that even I have to ask permission for to post on the web. Haiz... but since this is my blog I'll be putting up a preview.
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apparently I'm still experimenting with the powers of my IXY cam... more more more to come soon @ multiply... Its a really big set. Too much on the HD pictures. I shouldn't have taken so many.

Resto "I have Two Eggs"
Ever heard of this restaurant near ABS-CBN? My granny wants to bring me over there sometime to have breakfast? maybe? ahahaha go figure

but I'm guessing that granny wants to go because she's got the flier for the perks

two cracked eggs

Later days

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