Just A Little Vintage

From the title of our photo shoot that I'm not allowed to share my cam photos (yet) well that's history. The acquaintance party today at school was just so-so. If I enjoyed? well must I elaborate again? ahohoho I'm the boss of myself.

The count of new acquaintances? eh 0? or if you count common acquaintances then yeah. I made a few so I'm not entirely the introvert today. We also had a band perform (I forgot the name just now) but they made a really good choice to get them to play for our party.

I must admit I was part of the noisy bunch of squealing fan-girls but really I don't know who the band is. I'm really bad with bands in the local scene but I don't belittle them to set the record straight. Mind you, I used to be a April Boy Regino fan. Oh Giliw ko!!! Back to the performing band. They were really awesome! I spent most of my time recording their performance so... I'm a bit of a loser for doing so. I heard that most of the members were good looking? SIGH I don't know. I have poor eyesight so it seems- I turned out to be a snob by not recognizing people immediately --'.

I asked Trick the name of the Band.. its The Bloomfields. I'm not really familiar with them but I know they do retro songs and revivals on the same line as Orange and Lemons. I suddenly missed that band.

The get up
Thank you thank you Venny hearts to you!.

who likes my dirty nails?

I just realized... I don't have a full body picture lolol... meow lazy red eye...

Get-up was also inspired by music:

Everything must be retro now huh? Well if the kids love it then so be it. In '08 Retro is back... Where's Micheal Jackson btw?

I gotta leave a note for myself... My right eye is allergic to latex. Nail glue is the enemy, must find an alternative, NO to Widescreen resolution pictures.

Tomorrow school again. I don't even know if I have to study for what not. I'll just be praying for my teacher who's going under surgery tomorrow. God Bless the Philippines tonight. I'm off to the sack.

G'night, Kids.

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