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Pops in Seoul is one of the many prominent Kpop music shows in the Asian pop industry as I know it. Many thanks to Sky Cable and Cass Ph for making this thing possible. It just feels very heart warming to be a part of Cass PH. I love DBSK though I don't squeal as much but I love them still!

Meeting Isak & Evan
I'll be honest, I haven't been watching PiS for the longest time not even on VOD so I couldn't exactly say that I'm a fan of VJ Isak but I do like her since she's in SM Town. Evan on the other hand was the event's special guest so I'd say he's the side-dish main course... what the heck am I talking about now?

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Looking at Evan he didn't seem to be comfortable at all. It must have been one heckuva climate change once they set foot in the RP. Welcome to the Philippines Isak Unni & Evan Oppa. (Ume~ addressing sempais in that manner!)

I found myself laughing at Ate Kring who's presence surprised me during the event. You go Teuky Girl! Speaking of Ate Kring... she's also a JE fan. It was yesterday that I exercise my JE fangirl prowess.

Jin's party
I finally met Ysa, Boots, & Yubi. All of whom I just used to know as fangirls. Now, I finally met them in person. They're fun and full of energy (I wish I could be just as spontaneous). Later into the fan meet I realized that Ate Yubi, Ate Pat, & Ate Kat are all my sempais in school.. AH SHOCK

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Even if something kinda went wrong towards the end we we're reassured with the fact that we still wanted to hang out with them again. I know I'll be looking for my sempais in school to hangout with LOL. I am lost to the nth level now!

too sexy for me to put on my bag. Just like my F4 button pin LAWL!
We even got this after the fan gathering. Uwaw! Reminds me of my CassPh gatherings. It inspires me... I think I want to go training to be part of the core staff. Whee~

Talk to the takuyaki
I saw this and was intrigued by this takuyaki stand I saw in SM when I went home. I had to try it!

apparently I didn't like it. Weird taste.

Too much hang over from the excitement that took place this week. Even in school tho I just made myself look like an ignorant fool. Don't worry I know I tell that to myself its just that sometimes you need to tie me down my chair and put tape over my mouth to stop me.

I have to learn how to take pics and vids properly with my camera. Its very unstable

Happy 4th of July America! Even if it's already the 5th
I say God is good... wouldn't you say the same, kids?

Later Days

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