Fangirl mode JE

Yesterday was fun filled and tiring. I was left with barely enough energy to stay up to finish watching SC in NHK. This was yet another fan-girling filled week.

Let me kick off the post with the news that Wu Chun and Calvin of Fahrenheit visited the Philippines. I was more than thrilled to know that they're excited about coming back here with Jiro and Aaron. THEY MUST THEY MUST! so no pictures of them in this post. LoL

Last week, I have auditioned for the campus radio in school. It felt almost nostalgic thinking of the days when I'd host Pop Goes Asia. Except my audition sounded lousy. When have you heard of Cosplay's song called Incubus?
You are now tuned in to Fusion your cool link to music and information
I will be your host for the next two hours, I am Marz Ren
... SO let's kick of this show with out first song
Here's Coldplay with ... *stammering like stupid* Incubus?

And that was pretty much how my audition sounded like. Unprofessional much? MUCH TOO MUCH!
Now, I have other business to worry about like the acquaintance party and homeworks that I am too lazy to finish... I lack motivation. Not even my fangirling helped.

Fangirling JE style
So its break time from the Kpop fangirling mode moving to the Jpop and what not. Marz is now an established JE fangirl.

Meeting Katz
After 4 long years of knowing Katz G. it was only yesterday that I finally met her. Thanks, Ate Yubi, for telling me. So I took the opportunity to finally meet her. Thinking about my AIYAH! days and how I'd give praise to the AIYAH! Boys: Patsi, Boss J, Mad Dog and Josh... It felt nostalgic, again I hate reminiscing. I'd love to hang-out with Ate Katz at another time.

Arcade time
Sunday was supposedly Karaoke day with Yubi, Pat, Cecilia & Sachi but the wait was too long we had to play!


Looking back
I was reading my old posts and I've just realized how excited I must have been writing entries that I end up writing in poor English. Ah proof-reading time. Practicing proper English grammar wasn't this hard. I'm really looking into shifting my major. Digital Media, here I come!

Marz celebrating 10 days of bad hairstyle

Don't try it at home, kids

Later days

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