Better things than that

Yesterday's cook fest went well but we didn't win. I have very little time to ponder on why we didn't win because we're too happy about finishing second to the first (It seemed like such an achievement already!). I swear to the lords that we felt like winners being able to finish our carb-on-carb dish 'Camote Hash Brown' that is really... Edible. Apparently I beg to differ when some of my block mates said that it was 'delicious'. I don't know, maybe it's just me. I for one think its just "good".

Reasons why we might have not won
  • we lacked action
>>> Because I was very time conscious, I had the hash brown mix prepared at home. All we did there was to shape, bread and fry it. The Majil did most of the work with the fried rice and cooking the hash brown.
  • we were not prepared
>>> We only knew about the contest on the day of recipe submission. Our team came empty handed and had to rush with the decision making of the dish we were going to make. Unfortunately we were supposed to make a main dish... we made the side dish into one.

  • We used a nestle recipe
>>> This seemed a bit funny. One of the judges asked where we got our recipe I answered "from a nestle food demo". Those demos are attended by my grandmother. Apparently this hash brown recipe is new and uses nestle products in the ingredients (That should be a plus in our part). The judge actually laughed at my answer, maybe she was the one who taught the recipe. Good or bad point? I don't know really.
  • I don't know how to cook the hash brown properly
>>> I don't know if this much is funny but I looked very frustrated when my hash browns were breaking apart as I fried them. Thank God for Majil who saved me on the frying part and for doing most of the cooking.

Anyway enough of that. Not winning is not really the point of it all. Its just that we enjoyed being part of this event and hope to be part of another one soon. I really shouldn't have thought about it too much.

Fangirl Friday
Its friday again! another Friday for Fan girl spazzing.... I think this is still Yumika (Kato)'s Myojo mag. We couldn't get enough of the boys!

Better things to do
Today there was a J-culture con (I think it was) in Shangri La. I didn't bother going since it was my original plan to sleep the whole afternoon. (Yeah, I haven't had enough rest for the past few days). Apparently a few days earlier Baduch invited me to try this other no rae bang place in Morato. We didn't find it though so we ended up going to Ju Sarang instead. We dropped by K-books since I requested but they didn't have what I was looking for.

I have no idea how I did that flashy stuff on top when I took that picture.. trust me, I look like I retard here. I know so

Tried Milkis?
It tasted just as I've imagined it and I like like it much! That goes the same for yogurt ice popsicles. I won't be graduating from popsicles and grocery-prices ice cream any time soon. Ahhh! Grocery priced snacks are the best! LOL~

Later Days, kids

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