Toycon 08

Just when I thought I couldn't make it, I did and loved every minute of it! This year's toy con was better than last year's. Maybe because I came on the first day but compared to that 2nd day activities at least it was a better experience!

What is ToyCon?
First of all ToyCon is a short term for "Toy Convention". If your a cosplay enthusiast like me then you should know better that these are one of the many events that you should check out. Besides from it being an Otaku/ cosplay event it is mainly to show different toys. Apparently were not really into it yet. I have yet to go to a S'pore ToyCon (one of my dreams) to say that we aren't really that inclined into all toy collecting.

I haven't seen BE@RBRICKs nor do I see Medicom making a buzz in Philly. It's the sad part but these guys are only taking whomever approaches them so yeah. MBear compensates for it but IT ISN'T A BE@RBRICK!

The take on the ToyCon
As always, I was looking forward to see cosplayers minus Alodia and that's what I got. I wasn't expecting to see her today but lucky me. HOO!! I saw Hard Gay too but he's more of a softie than... HOOOO. No picture of him tho. My battery died real quick. I don't really take the "charge a night before" tip too seriously so I guess I've learned my lesson.

Marz finally meets Alodia in the flesh

Cutest Thing that happened in the Con

There was this dad who brought this little kid to the con and told the kid "Go there, go there" which caught my attention because I wanted to take a picture of the troopers (Star Wars fandom LoL). Just before I knew it the troopers were bending down to the kid's height and took pictures with him. After that when the sand trooper got up he mimicked kissing him on his predatorial (is there such a word?) head. Which made the people give out "Awwwsss.." and "Thats cute!".

The irony to that is that if Lucas were to put predators in Star Wars and I wouldn't think that they'd want to go about kissing predators twice as tall as they are.

More Genuinely
Even if my brother (Mario) didn't come. I saw him there!

he is my brother! (to the tune of 'You are my brother')

and he had a twin too!

I give props for the stickfas makers but when I asked about Stickfas being Lego the sales person told me that its as if their one. I later find out that Stickfas is just a new toy being compared to 'Lego Technique'. Let me be the one to tell you first hand. Stickfas in NOT Lego. They do not want to buy Lego. They just happened to be of the same concept of creation.

So where did all the lego technique go?

Marz Ren Pawns this event. case closed. (I still want to go again tomorrow)

Get your own PinUp doll in a doll with a cause

G'night kids. I love toys

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