Toga Party

I dunno why its a 'Toga' but I'm just sticking to what Lea called it in the first place when really its just a Get together party. Not really the whole class came but some who were free and those who lived there did. Me and Jo-em should get an award for coming early Followed by Luis,

Jo and Lea

then Joko and Vanessa

I give props to our host too. Thanks Mark & Paul for having us over.

What else goes well with a Toga Party but some...TOUGE! blah.

Kimchi Rice

I must say, I have been cooking a lot of Kimchi rice the past few days. I really like it and I must say (again) that you should try it. But not now, I've gotten tired of eating it after the past three days and the last time I prepared it was this morning but it had too much sprouts. The flavor was too over powering that it became "Touge Rice" instead -_-'.

and when I say cooking a lot lately I mean, I even made the puto I brought to the Toga party. Well it sounds logical but I don't really cook without a lot of help just Granny ahahah. Thankfully I didn't cook dinner. Greg did, because I asked him to.

New start
Tomorrow I think - I feel that I'll have a new identity (uh oh identity crisis) No. Not like that but I'm going off to college tomorrow. I bet this is where Girls Generation come out of nowhere and start to sing "Into the new world" as I attempt to throw a pie at one of them. (Don't get me wrong now I like their songs and I'm a fan). But still it all feels whimsical tomorrow is a school day like any other. May it be one of the best ones. Hopefully it won't be too warm tomorrow. Its like a free sauna every time I wear my uniform. Thank you lord for Air-cons. God Bless me and my mates who starts college tomorrow.

Marz' pep talk before College 101

Ready for tomorrow soldier?

ahhh!!! it can talk!

You didn't answer the question, maggot!

Sir, Yes, Sir

go get em tiger!

And I'm finally going to sleep early tonight.

Good night, kids. I'll see you when I see you.

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