REDi to play

This is, I think the only red gadget I have unless I get a red-pink Samsung mobile. Ahahah Marz is evolving too whooohoo.

Its finally here. A crimson red + black ds. SHMEXY color. Lovely game play plus the glossy cover. I have to get a plastic protector for this one. I'm really afraid to break the left hinge so. I'm not too touchy with my ds.

one little flaw is its touch screen, The left screen seems to be a bit lower than the right (Its a bit difficult to explain) yet again I'm guessing its a part of its built flaws. I think so because it isn't the first time I've held one of these. Its just that. Erm... even my console has this problem.

Disturb me if you have a R4DS or DSTT to give to me

I'm going to have to buy more for this piece of Nintendo... ahhrggg. They say touching is good- I say touching my DS is no good or rather don't touch my DS (I'm just to paranoid about that left hinge). This DS looks flimsy if you ask me but none the less fun fun fun.

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