Purple Line & Sexy Men

This is bad
I have a bad case of thinking of sexy beasts at class. Just like today I spaced out during History class when Sir Ballano asked about what we learned last meeting. All I'm thinking about is Akanishi, Hayami, & Yamamoto. Oh NO!!!! what the heck!

studies show that 1 of 3 is not PURON*! OMG... What the Heck is going on with me?!!!!!

Correction. I'm not really a Hayami fan. I'm actually pretty disappointed with him for the reason that. I've got a habit of hating sexy men like I hate Daniel Henny & Shirota Yu. I'd hate Eiji Wentz too if he was sexy but He's Cute!

But really, being disappointed with Hayami has nothing to do with being Sexy. So I don't completely hate him... YET. (Fangirls, I mean hate like... well. Can you get hold of a shmexy man like them? LOOOL)

If you get the drift of the kind of sexy men I hate. Ahaha LoL like anyone would bother to find out who else I hate.... so it bothers me... WHY ARE THEY SO AD!_@#*&@!H SHMEX-Y?!

Uwaw! I just discovered that I'm riding Purple Line

Uwaw! (ang babaw)

Happy Fiesta San Juan! Uwaaahaha WET DAY

Kids, don't try this at home.

Later Days


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