Poya's my heritage

I cannot believe it...I named the mascot! *JUMP hop JUMP* I am so high right now. Ooops. Sorry, Good morning everyone... My mom is asking me to go to sleep now but Duch made me so high just right now. I knew nothing until Duch PMed me this evening.

This is Poya

It was quite sometime already when cassph asked us to give our mascot a name. All members were entitled to join and so me being the procrastinator that I am- of course I thought of a name, and it was "Pula". Now that I had the name thing down it was time for me to procrastinate. Actually I have no confidence with giving our mascot such a name so I left it as is and didn't bother sending it to the group.

and I procrastinated and procrastinated until.

You might have read in 'M@rz Today' that I've gone on a very short vacation. The only vacation I ever had this summer. Yes, I know I know... I'm taong-bahay for many personal reasons
On this particular vacation I got re-introduced to my country. I am admittedly a person who has very weak appreciation of my own heritage but after being re-introduced to the historical background of Cebu (even if I was really more appreciative of the food rather than the history) and Bohol where I've experience very hospitable countrymen (which I find very rare here in QC). I was inspired to show what it's like to really be Pinoy. Tho I have many exceptions for as to why I don't say I'm PROUD completely. (you'll know later on)

I got back on the afternoon on 30th which was a night before the deadline. I only found out about the extended deadline that evening when I opened my e-mail. I was too bothered to even open my e-mail but I did anyway. Reading stuff from the Y! group and then I find out about the extended deadline. Then it struck me. This was my chance to make up for procrastinating.

It took me awhile to edit that name I had for the mascot. I mean anyone could give a name like Pula. I thought I couldn't even spell that in Korean so- bad idea. (You know I named my DS pula? LOL jkjk it's REDi kekeke jkjkj (I like naming inanimate objects- Marz has a serious case for being a nutcase). BLAH back to story

I should tell you, naming the mascot was difficult. I've been wanting to name it some thing that has something to do with the Philippines. I first thought of the song DBSK shot in the Philippines and frankly I forgot. I was suppose to ask Bernadette but I didn't and up to now... I forgot what song that was :[ (not only am I a nutcase, I'm also forgetful). Until I ended up making things simpler.

I really wanted a four letter name for that mascot. I didn't want to give up on the first name I thought of "Pula". Well it is a red bear. *can I be the person inside the dancing mascot? lol I might just be kekeke*. Eventually I came up with Poya. If your following what's going on at cass you'll know exactly the rest of how I came up with the name.

Marz in Cebu, I know what your going to say about this picture..... dont say it

It's only now that Duch, tells me and now I'm writing this post because I'm so happy that CassPh chose to name our mascot Poya. I can't imagine how this trip to my backyard has changed me a lot. Thank you Philippines. Thank you Cebu for the lechon, Thank you Bohol for your very hospitable people.

And now. I would like to pretty much end this post before it goes any longer. Thank you thank you. May I give everyone a great big


Did I surprise you? I'm sorry I'm just a kid who seemed to enjoy... sige na hayaan niyo na ako. minsan lang naman X}

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