Fangirling in between school

What I like best about college? I get more freedom. Except I need to ask permission to go out. No doubt about that. Its but merely the first month of school and I'm still busy fangirling. Like that should be an issue.

Celebrating Jin's butt-day.
Even if it's a bit late in the afternoon I'd like to go since its been a while since I've known my fellow JE fangirls and always end up missing them whenever they have gatherings. I should make it this time. FOR REAL. I must must come. UMEEEEIIIwa!!! It's Bakanishi's birthday! that sexy monster. RAWR.

OMFgrar! what shmexy beast!

Pops in Seoul 1000th Episode LIVE in MANILA
Though I'm a bit skeptic about where it's going to be held. I'm still hyped about going. Another chance to meet up with Bernadette. Uwaw I'm so happy that I'm fangirling with her. Uwahaha. I gotta practice my Cassie-prowess and wear red on that day. Apparently I'm not so sure weather I have a red shirt.

Ah Jie from CuiBei
Its only this time that I get to have foreign classmate in my new school. An Ah Jie.. umai. FC with her already? LoL it must have been awkward for her that I called her that but it should be just fine I suppose. She is older anyway (but she doesn't look like it)

Ah Jie Mary in the middle

I gotta buy me time off for these... EPS for the Pops In Seoul. They wanna hold me back from it but I say. HECK naaaah!!!!

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