Culture Shock in College

What can be more shameful than acting like a crazy woman in front of people you don't know who will be with you in an institution for as long as you don't know? Shameful? I beg to differ.

Today I auditioned to get in the TAMBAYAN (Tanghalan para sa makabagong Kamalayan). My audition shed a new light on what I thought was crazy and my acting. Apparently I still feel the same way about how I go about on directing mini-plays. Geez I hope I could do another one for SCS. DOPE!

Screwing up the dream role.
Truth be told I wasn't really prepared today. I wasn't psyched enough. I was also asked to play as Jose Rizal's Sisa in Noli Me Tangere. Deeemmeeeooooo MY DREAM ROLE! I didn't get to do it right. That makes me want to reflect on my life. Yes, I really wanted to get that part right but then again. Hits or Misses.

We're just doing our thing. Making it work for us and it's just as applied learning from Sir Mark. "Go beyond your comfort zone". I'm aware of my acting capability. I honestly told my Sempais (UWAW~ applicable! ) that I'm no good with dramatic acting but I am willing to learn. DOT DOT DOT. Wiling to learn. Meaning the soldier needs to get dirty and sign up for the pain. (Wherever applicable).

I suddenly missed what it's like to be part of COCC. Yes, COCC and not CAT. Though my memories of it is very few. I haven't done much for my mates including my commandant. I still seriously feel like a solider. Except we're required to cry. In my case afraid to cry because I don't do it as quick as a real actress would.

anyway its either I work hard at this or I'm going to get thrown into the Fusion 'last spot' for me to make something out of my time. Otherwise, why did I even bother with the acting dozu?

Makes no sense to me but, it used to keep me happy. I wonder what they thought of my answers on the questionnaire?

If you were to be a superhero who would you be and why?
Captain Underpants, because he becomes super in a snap of a finger

Why do you want to join TAMBAYAN?
because I like to direct plays

What can you contribute to the group?
I'd like to work backstage

I'm just an oblivious fool. I mean, trying out for this wasn't such a loss. Moving on. I just want to get hold of that DS EDGE so I can listen to Elva's album.... I still hate that man who got hold of dad's ipod. I'm not replacing it because I know I'll come across him again and I won't say a word to him. That sinful man.

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