Taking it outside

Mother's Day tomorrow kids! Aiyah we're getting old now aren't we?

Mom's Treating out early/ late
Had a late and long lunch out today. We met up with her old PAL mates her belated birthday treat for them. I'm knew them back in the 90's we used to hang out with them a lot. Mom took the chance to get together and chat and update themselves.

I must say, Parents getting the kids to come out for occasions such as this is tough. I'm not saying Mom's an exception though I did like this bunch of people. Let's just put it that I had my own reasons for coming and I'm just in it per se for the good lunch. I wanted another cup of coffee but eh never mind too much in a week might kill me. Who knows. As always I ended up boring myself, my brother and Patricia (who also happened to come along, was supposed to go shopping while mom chatted with her mom). I am one petty child boring myself.

I mean BORED

and as always I love dessert besides the chocolate eruption (Is that what it was called?) and mum's birthday ice cream I had a lovely piece of NY cheesecake. Nyam!

and so I gotta work on my arms... Back to dieting. pwahahaha

later days

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