Sweetening someone's day

I came from school just now. It's a pretty hot day but I still wanted a hot cup of coffee. Mrs. Feilds coffee for some variation. Just tried out their cafe latte, nothing special from the coffee I've had in the past, so yeah moving on.

a Nostalgic trip back to high school
I'm starting to sound really old but it's been quite a bit a while since I've been to school. Not that I don't really come back during summer except this visit was quite different from the rest. I came over to give the teachers and staff something special in appreciation of their being part of my school days.

to everyone in Saint Claire

... that costed me. I haven't even tasted it! :( LOL. You guys enjoy it for me :]

So yeah I was supposed to pick my uniform. I needed it for my confirmation on the play that I was working on. Apparently the room was locked so I didn't get it anyway... I must be on crack not doing anything about it. Who knows maybe my mates scraped it when I wasn't looking? LOL kidding, they wouldn't do that.

So kids, be nice to your teachers. There's a great deal of being thankful after everything they've done for us.

later days

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