People At Work

Today I skipped doing my own thing to check out Club Manila East. Me and my mates are supposed to have reunion there sometime next week but we're still deciding so I came with my Mom who's guest speaking for the people of the same profession as her from PLDT. Pretty fun people.

Well I already anticipated being a petty little girl for not bringing my swimming attire when everything was paid for and I didn't budge. Not really in my plans to get worked up for all that Jazz but I really did end up looking like a petty little girl going around the pool area all covered up. I should have worn slippers which I must tell ya'll... makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

Club Manila East
Over all I just checked out the place and I found the whats not- and what to like about the place. I'd pick it over 9 waves any day (If I had cash of course).

Of course, thats just a little something I took of the place. I need to do some serious talking to my friends if I wanted Vanessa to have our gathering here.

What's Going On Here
Mom was invited as guest speaker and I just so happen tag along because I wanted to check out the place. I say the PLDT HR department seemed to have a lot of good clean-fun. I got a knack out off Tito Deng (He sure knows how to give Uncle Ro a good name).

They Call the Shots. I'm Hosting
Today is Cess' birthday so yeah i sent her my well wishes of course the thing is she's celebrating it along with her younger sister "Pia". She asked me to do the honors of hosting her party and of course I said yes- I was hesitant actually because I wanted to help her with the preparations rather than do the big-time stuff but thankfully Dennis is gonna cover for me (I'm co-hosting).

Here it is, Cess is now officially 'legal age'; I am illegal age? ANS: YES.

I hate to admit it but I don't want to be older, Its unavoidable and I have to live my life. That reminds me of what that guy from the Cartoon Kat-tun Okinawa road film said about being a kid. Haiiz- I'm gonna be a college student. Aiyooohh... Thats just baby steps into what I'm really in for in this life time. I'll tell you that much.

and oh yeah I found this at CME this morning. The PLDT staff must have found it amusing to see me take a picture of it. They literally stopped to look at what I was taking a picture of. Its what mom called "Kooshball tree"- I doubt it, Mom (<_<').>
another one of those great mysteries in life

later Days kids

Happy Birthday Cess!

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