Paper Time

I almost forgot what title I was suppose to type in Akanishi Jin's song LOVEJUICE just started. AHK its a crazy song. It reminds me of the song 'Make U Wet' though it sounds nothing like it. ahhh bad bad bad. :P

What made Marz go on the way to the shop
On the way to A perfect creation I rode a jeep. (Ahahah I know now how to lol. ACHIEVEMENT! ). American Idol fans are pretty much aware by now that David won. (BOTH? LoL ahaha) anyway my seatmate and his female companion got talking about it. I know its rude to listen to others conversations but not even you could help but listen if they were talking loud enough for the whole jeep to hear. Yeah they were talking loud but not to the extent that they pawned the sound of the other vehicles. They actually mind ahhehehehe.

So yeah- They got down to talking about who won and all that jazz until they started comparing David C. to Rain (I mean WHAT THE HECK?) Why the heck would they compare a singing idol to a all in one mass-produced machine artist?!!! Eh so what~ until their conversation went to Korean mass produced idols to Coke battle Shinhwa , mass produced talent = acquired talent.

The guy seated across me was probably wonder why I was smirking and nodding my head while those two were talking beside me. I must have looked like a retard (in public!) That's one thing I don't want you kids doing in public. A fool outta yourself.

so much for that... Yey for David~ eh Cook? David A. looked really cute after losing. Ahaha I'm so bad for putting it that way. He's a kid and he's a got a good future up ahead of him. He's talented he'll know what to do from there. Good luck to those two.

Graduated- from summer class.
Though it was only two sessions that I got to attend, it was two very productive sessions. Today I finished my pop-up classes and did half of what I was supposed to take up on the folding. That was FUN FUN. I'll let you in to more of the arts I've made on my DeviantArt. I didn't imagine that they'd actually have a category for paper folding which I think is a really good thing.

I am now officially a fan of EXPENSIVE PAPER. I haven't got the chance to work with Italian paper but I sure do love the Japanese paper I was working on. Its friggin' expensive! Its 1,500PHP ($34) even in Japan. EHKKK... expensive but completely worth it.

I want this! I'm getting inspired I think I should make a blog dedicated for my wish list. I'm sure not all of you might want what I like but yeah anyway. Whatever. Maybe @ wordpress tho. I don't know.

Its a Paul Frank bear brick. I'm not a fan of Paul Frank or anything but currently this is the only thing that took my fancy on the latest Medicom release. Marc T. doesn't know what on earth Medicom was! AH SG@!^%#(!@#~~~!!! This only makes it harder on me. I don' know where to buy a Be@rbrick here in Philly. Its tough and I might just go insane thinking about the things I can't buy.

CREDIT CARDS!!!! Where are you when I need you the most?

Kids, don't be like me spending money of things that your parents might not want you to spend on. ~That is if your not yet making your own money.

Later Days

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