Once a year birthdays

I think I should name May for having the most birthdays. All of a sudden I realize that I know a lot of people celebrating their birthday's this month. So its Christmas shopping for me all of a sudden in the middle of the year.

Mom's Birthday
Mom called me to join them for lunch. We ate at Fish & co. So that answers the question "Is Fish out of the water and Fish & co. the same?"-NO. I think I could stop by there for a 1 liter of "Sharky's Freeze" (Is that what its called?) I could go for some passion fruit than coffee actually. BAR-EM!

something I don't see very often.

I didn't expect Dad to be so photogenic today. WTH

Dogs FART?
Ok, this might be the most stupid-est story I will ever tell you guys on my blog but from experience. This is the only time I have EVER heard a dog fart. Call it whatever you wanna call it but I swear to the Gods above. I heard my dog fart. Do I say "nuff said" now or do I elaborate on it more? ... Nuff said goes here. Its happening.

Conversations at the snack table
I bought myself a Meiji YanYan. Not that its a rare find or anything I just missed the taste and the fun of eating em'. Apparently there's no chocolate flavor available so yeah. I let the pictures do the talking. (you can get more of em on my multiply).

In Love With the Dead [Chung Oi]
Wow the Pang Brothers really came up with something here. I must say it's pretty obvious how these two guys produce their movies and story lines. I guess i found this movie more interesting than their "Blood Brothers" yet again I'm not yet completely impressed. I give lots of propz to Shawn Yue. I must say his acting seemed a bit old but. Wow I was really seeing real acting!

I think I should get back to my review writing days.

later, kids

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