In my backyard- Cebu X Bohol

Who would have guessed I'm back from where I have been away from for about 10+ years I think, and its definitely a great time to get back at the places I have been away from for so long.

Doing clerical posing at the cross. Very almost holy

now this time at a Taoist temple. Came by to show some respect.

The Taoist church at Beverly Hills CEBU. Aiiiigooo~ Yeah you read right. Bev Hils in Cebu. Tell your friends about it. Let me be the one to tell you. I look scary every time I try to look like this (says me)

What I liked most about going back there was the food. Apparently, I have been eating a lot during this trip. No time to hold back. The best food experience at Cebu would be eating at a small canteen. This is authentic Cebu lechon at its finest!

lechon, pork bbq, & churro (SP?)

puto maya

Lets Go Bohol!
After all that jazz up in Cebu, we were off to Bohol. Its my first time to visit this place and oh boy did I like- the food. Ahahah I'm stressing very much on the food part as you may notice but there is also more to Bohol than just that; Like adventure and bee stings and... OH! I said Bee sting! Let me tell you. Greg got stung by a bee. very ironic. Thankfully his face didn't swell up. So much for his 'man vs wild' thing. I don't really plan to share pictures of him with that red speck on his face. Really, it looks nothing like a bee sting. Its a European bee of some sort. aiyooh..

The first day at Bohol was just full of tours we checked out the Chocolate hills and the Tarsier and the churches.

and so concludes the many adventures that I probably won' tell you about over the net. Go figure... KAT-TUN won me over hahahah lol. Sorry mates. I'll let you into another thing... I took lots of beautiful pictures. Thats it, I gotta run

Later days

Marz was here

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