GOLD Fever?

oh yeah this must be it. I'm not striking it rich rather I'm striking on LSS. A real bad case of it too! Currently I can't get enough of Kat-tun's song "Gold" Even if their English in that song is more of Engrish than anything else. Oh what the heck!

My practical for a language test got cancelled. Bye 24 hours language exposure. Next time again I suppose. I'm getting that moved but I'm not quite sure since I'm preparing for college and the weather at both ends are quite unstable if you know what I'm saying.

I finished watching "I am Sam". I must agree with Duch with what she said about this drama. (Which I forgot, actually). In the long run I didn't understand how the love story was suppose to end. I guess I'm not suppose to know? Either ways I don't regret watching it. It reminded me of my own High School days. Yet again there is no space for "I wish I had done- said or If I could re live those days".

Backward time and emotions
Today I got a call from Lea and Bogs. It was surprise for me. But it was nice to hear the voices of these people. It felt nostalgic and i wanted to cry. What the heck? Marz Ren crying over spoiled milk? Its only today that I started to really miss those folks at school.

... but I think the rainy season is here. I'm not going anywhere without my umbrella.

Starting a new drama
Ok catching up with the recent releases. Zettai Kareshi its literal translation "Absolute Boyfriend" is something I'm following right now. I'm starting to like that robo-guy (Hayami Mokomichi), He's got a cute Character PLUS one of my loved characters in Hana Kimi Mizushima Hiro is in it too! with Aibu Saki taking the lead she reminds e very much of Juri Ueno's Nodame character.

Must I tell you Juri's got a new drama with the girl from ProDai (Nagasawa Masami). She plays a biker girl completely different from her Nodame Character. I'm looking into it but ya'll can join me on my search for whatever it really is. It's called "Last Friends".

I think I sense L-word going on in here, this should be interesting. OOOHH!! I just so LOVE LOVE Mr. Mokomichi's line "I am Riiko's Ideal Boyfriend"

Night to Riiko
"*flexes in sweat* am I sexy now? Riiko, am I sexy now?"

Me <- if I was Riiko and Night was not looking. ahahaha

I think the only person who can tell me that is "The Gay Man". (Who am I kidding) I guess I miss him as well but not as much as those birthday poopers this month! Happy Birthday kids (someone tell me what to get them!)

Later Days!

Show some love for your Mom! Mother's Day is near

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