Dramas that might get the better out of me

I'm not going to repeat the question but I'm starting to go nuts over following TWO hot series namely.

Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend)

Last Friends

The parallelism is beyond imaginable! One I can relate to well, the other- but mere fantasy.So let me talk about it more before I completely confuse you, kids.

Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend)

Zettai Kareshi
The story is about a a robot made to become what I'd put in laymans terms The "Perfect Boyfriend" (of course you get to customize it for youself - I'm in it for the perks, ok?). The lead Riiko (Aibu Saki) gets randomly chosen to give this prototype a test. (Ah- so you wished it was really for sale now didn't you? NOT quite yet) So anyway she ends up buying this piece of appliance and now I'm caught up not knowing what will happen next...


Last Friends

Last Friends
Long Story short. You have a lovefool, a lonely girl looking for companionship, a gay man, a lesbian, and a psycho all in one drama called 'Last Friends' with Utada Hikaru's "Prisoner of Love" popping in almost every scene like it was the song when you saw a ghost out of the dark. (Have you guys even head the song?!!!)

and I'm also caught up waiting for the next episode BECAUSE I'M FOLLOWING THE SERIES!!!

have I lost it yet? (I ask myself many times before) NOT YET. I bet you will if your like me chasing series like I do. Like a mad fan girl. Speaking of mad. If you Last Friends fans have seen Ryo running around like a mad man lately well I actually find it amusing. Very much- which I should say so myself is very scary especially now that I'm saying it myself. Miguel said that it was a very depressing Drama Serie because there's a lot of violence in it. true true. Someone forgot my R-18 sticker. So kids, do yourself a favor and stick to watching good shows on TV like.... ZETTAI KARESHI!!! whooooo (Sorry I'm a bit of a psycho myself)

The beef on the 'Absolute Boyfriend' Tenjo Night

Oh boy does he look like someone I know!
I know something about Mr. Mocomichi (that's how to rominize his name!) But not the rmanizing part! I mean I know something that you might / might not know about him. If you really wanna know. You'll have to ask. It's no big of a secret anyway. (I Think)

OST- Who will go for the kill?
Utada VS Ayaka. Prisoner of Love and Okaeri respectively. You've heard better but which would you pick?

I wouldn't bother- both are witty songs and I just can put a finger on the picking (Obviously I know my answer but I just ain't saying it). Check it out at MarzMusic.co.nr

(ahaha that plug wasn't the point of this post!)

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