Back to School Issue

After Princess' party I think this time I'm really off for vacation. For a week at the most. I'll be out for a week to travel my backyard. Or to say it better- I'm going to be at the better side of the Philippines next week and review myself of my so long ago trip to Cebu. -RE-INTRODUCE-

Then I'm going off straight to college orientation when I get back. This doesn't sound so typical of me to say so since I'm off to college after this only vacation this summer.

I think this is a new publication? I'm sure maybe a year's worth old of a publication. I find this a really interesting magazine. Most of which its articles tackle college students. Hey maybe I could grab the next issue who knows. The story on this is that Greg got a copy for the reason that he actually appears in the magazine. Which intrigued me. Actually I was more interested with the other articles than looking for him in this issue.

AHK!!! It's Nikishido RyO!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG OMG

LOL it's just Victor Basa

I've gotten fond of him because of looking like Ryo. 1 litre of tears remake anyone? Oh- I think I found that page where Greg said he was at.

ah so that's where he was. I thought he was just pulling my leg.

So kids, grab your copy of

Marz has to BOUNCE

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