Now back to working

There really is no exact "vacation" for me and my schedule in life is completely vague. I can't see a thing going on and frankly I don't blame my closed starbucks planner. pun unintended.

Last night Bernadette got me worked up
Mind your eyes, kids, I'm working for her. Ahohoho I'm making her a fic poster and I've only managed to come up with only one draft. It looks ok to me but I know I can make something better. I haven't shown it to her and I have no plans of showing to any of you till she actually allows me to. I really need good stock photos and a lot of inspiration . So let me tell you first hand. This is work pressure on it's baby-boomer stage. WATCH YOUR CARBON FOOT PRINTS!

The plus side to this project is that I've got perks for making the poster I even get a sneek peek on the storyline and out of curiosity I think Duch has made a new love team "Jaesicca". Thats as far as I can let you in.

Grad Slides finally gets released tomorrow!
Hurray! Surprisingly I have not been bombarded with sms confirmations. My sim is just getting me worked up by not working when I want it to. That goes the same with my phone. I don't want to replace it for that reason. OH HURRAY! I'm so LAME!

And since this morning I have been burning none stop till the was a short blackout. I thank the lords for saving my work. I blame me for not getting any ideas the whole day for a poster! While I was burning the cds (I only manages to finish three if your interested) I also killed waiting time by reading one of Francis Kong's book.

yey more insights to life!

That about wraps it up. I have to upload Turt's performance yesterday at the HS HYPE @ CCBC. I want to seriously bang my head that I can't join camp. OH BOO HOO!!! i still have no vacation. Someone please extend my vacation!!! College is scary! Commuting is a nuisance (because it can get hot and rainy)- Someone find me a carpool or something! AHHH*&$FV&^$CV !!!!!

>>> I'm really eager to get my DS Lite LOLOLOL (impatient me! MUST TOLERATE EXCITEMENT!)

Oh yeah. Meet Tuziki (I'm a bit late for introductions though) I'm sure you've seen this guy around maybe not only at my blog so yah. I'm just introducing you to him. As you can see he's here hang out at my blog. Literally.

Don't miss him too much and so as I.

Later days!

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