The nearest place to noraebang from where I'm at is just actually at the local mall. I haven't seen that coming err... Actually there's many places to do that which is nearby but I don't notice. Really-

Noraebang @ Timezone
We checked out the main Timezone and ended up heating up our vocals there. Quite a comfy spot to noraebang. The people waiting in line for their turn we're curious on as to what we were singing.

I'm hangging out with Lea L., Baduch and Kuya Edward again.

We had to look for the song numbers before hand because the songs we're singging were not on the song book. At the website I couldn't find any Chinese songs but to my surprise when I saw the song book there were Chinese songs after all. My bad I can't read as good as I speak . Mr. Han must be really ashamed of me

Speaking of that I should get back to studying. Bernadette started to get interested in studying hanguk. I told her we could study the same time. It's easy to get sarted. I'm in pre-time. My teacher won't let me off the hook till I can converse properly in Korean- Sheeesh.

Today. Many thanks to Bernadette. Thank you thank you, and I'll see you guys again on the 5G ^_^


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