New Age role models

Ok, this might be the first time you bump into me. I'm not really into 'going with the flow' unless I have to.

Recently I got hold of Ryohei's new album. Cavaca.

01 You Gotta Be/Kentaro Takizawa/Des'ree
02 Sweet Soul Revue -ENGLISH Version-/MAKAI/PIZZICATO FIVE
03 Calling You/CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT/Holly Cole
04 Lately/Jazztronik/Stevie Wonder
05 Human Nature/LAVA/Michael Jackson
06 Georgy Porgy/eighteen degrees./TOTO
07 She Will Be Loved/cargo/MAROON5
08 I Like It/AKAKAGE/Debarge
He sure made a hecka amazing cover on the songs. Amazing. You might want to get acopy yourself because I know your familiar with most of the songs if you were born in the 90's.

We're no longer talking about the now-big-kids born in the 70's (ok may be still we talk about that batch A LOT) or the 80's (I'm not too interested with- their a mess.). So the kids and "feeling big kids" ought to make it right along side with me, but enough about that.

Fangirl schedules
Well well. When I least expected it, I'm actually busy with Fan girl activities so yeah hmm.. What to do first. I'll invite you to the first one though

Still working on my entries for that man I don't know where to start. I'm dope. I hear that the compatition is getting tougher and tougher... Man I'm screwed!

Introducing Sifow Master Kentarow

Star of this post. If you haven't heard of him... GOOGLE HIM.

New Aged heroes for kids. Aspiring ones...

Haiz. back to busy busy

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