Marco's Despidida

This might be one off the usual things I attend to and It's not usually for a close friend in particular. Only now has it been like that. Today our so-called despidida for Marco pushed through even if the majority of the class couldn't make it.

I was rather disappointed but was a bit relieved that Marco won't be leaving till June. My school starts at June 3 euhhggg... I wonder what kind of discouragement I'll be having from that day onwards but this is my next big step into making it work for me in the broadcasting shizzle. Nuff said-. Now I can only look forward to a real despidida party for Marco next time.

Even if we ended the night before a bit unwell. I just told Vanessa who was helping out with the planning to just enjoy the day. Thankfully we did. Even if I'm no fan of.. well the place isn't exactly -my kind of turf but it was fun per se. I might consider going back again but not any time soon.

the boys getting ready for some skinship with themselves

So even with what wasn't entirely a feast. We ate, a lot. We thank Luis for coming and bringing us even more for late lunch.. Ok made that was snack. I don't know really. Even with just us three girls out of 12 boys in this group (Sounds like Gilbert's birthday here too), We still managed to have ourselves an awesome time together.

It was nice knowing that Marco enjoyed this trip even if its just us. I felt a tad bit sorry that not everyone could come but I hope that we can make up for it. We as in- the entire class. I'm sure we'd do the same for the rest of our classmates.

I hope we could do more crazy stuff together while we all still can. With that part down, I leave you all with a thought to ponder on. "Suppose that you don't have the time to celebrate or cherish for. Must you not make more memories that you may not have an opportunity to have?". On behalf of everyone who came and didn't come. I'd still like to thank all of you for your cooperation even if it almost drove me to the wall. I know I shouldn't say so because your all busy with your own thing and I respect that.

Thanks anyway for letting us know at least and for those who made this event even possible. Thank you, Thank you.

Tomorrow. YES IT'S 5G
I haven't talked to Bernadette yet. My ticket is with er hmmm.... very difficult. I don't know how it's going to work out tomorrow but it all must go on! I'll be praying hard on my abilities on that second silly fanart I submitted. I don't know what I was thinking but I just to sum it all up the work, the inspiration, I dedicate BIG TIME to Bernadette. I don't know what I'd do without you.

I'm Hyped!

later, kids

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