I'm not going anywhere

Well after some drama a few days ago (Which I am sure you won't be interested in listening to. Hardly anyone does) I'm back doing my own business again but to skip the boring stuff today I went on another noraebangin' adventure with Baduch.

This time going out with Baduch brought me all the way to some place in...

go figure

I don't know exactly the name of the place but let me tell you it reminded me so much of those Noraebang places in dramas with the mob boss and his silly accomplices. Not that I know any off- I'm just saying I was amused with the karaoke room. It was pretty amusing.

So now we know who likes lights like a moth

We hit K books cafe after that. I thought it was a record bar but eh~ it's really a store for Korean BOOKS. Korean books. I don't have to wonder why it was K-books in the first place. Then we also passed by a nearby Korean grocery. Bernadette did a little shopping which reminds me. I should have really gotten the ramen at the regular grocery ~ER... whatever. I guess I left thid drink I was suppose to try with Bernadette so much for that I had to rush back home and see what the drama is.

I don't know up to now if anything stupid happened at home while I was out.

Don't mind me with the food business because here I am going to do a regular on the food display. Check out these little poppers. Familiar with these? they claim to be Korean cakes when back in 2000 the claimed to be Japanese custard cakes. I don't really wonder why. Why not try em out for yourself? Korean or Japanese. Its still food- I'll eat it.

After getting home- I already missed the prime time news. Oh its Friday! gotta take maintenance meds whoo! (Like that's any fun). I just heard the news about Morbeck... He's going to dedicate himself to the Mormon church after his laptop got stolen. No move vids from him (I think). Just to the thought that he was making fun of a woman praying in 'Soccer Mom', his last vid from taken with his Apple. Welcome to reality, kid. So much for him. Chris Crocker stole the rest of the evening. AGAIN

where will my next adventure take me to?

later days, kids

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