Heats just around the corner

Just as if I'd ask you folks if you'd had vacation lately? Well in my case either canceled or I have yet to look forward to one.

Trial Cosplay Ashiya Mizuki
EVERYONE'S CRAZY ABOUT IT! Hana Kimi that is... Today creative juices got flowing and we got productive. I did a trial cosplay on Ashiya Mizuki AKA Lu RuiXi (More locally known Joey Lu in ABS) Must I translate everything?! I Must say its fun portraying someone else. I was thinking maybe I could do Ashiya on the Toycon. If my hair cooperated. Many thanks to Meinard for doing my hair. More power to you, sir!

There's more where that came from check it out @ my multiply. NUTS!

Food's pretty better
I should have invited Bernadette over, This was dinner.

Served like it was prepared by a chef pwahahaha. If it ain't me then it's food on this blog ahahaha.

Yesterday Bernadette called me over to SM to meet up with Lea (Layug).. Yeah we hang out too if ya didn't know and also I met Kuya Edward for the first time. Well not that I haven't seen him in the 4G or so I think I did. *Bonks head* yeah well thats that. I just had to make some adjustments in my schedule for next week. Finally I hit the water. Thanks to the alumni officers planning something for us this Friday.

God I could use the vacation. I had to pull an all-nighter last night trying to finish my Fanart entry. I still have one more to finish. I just need a little more inspiration and a lot of prayers.

Play time break
Supposedly it's my break having finished at least one of my submissions for the 5g Fanart. Man it took half a day for the house help to clean the office. I couldn't get access. I didn't want to use the computer in my room so yeah. I have to max out now while I can. If only I already had my DS at hand... ahaha LOL now you know I'm already expecting one. Its on its way to me. While I'm waiting for it to come I got busy with these so called 'addicting games' it is actually. I'm currently playing Guitar Master. I have to master the tracks so I'll leave you guys from here.

Enjoy the rest of the evening


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