Going our own ways

It's been 2 days since I've last seen any of my classmates. We're keeping well in-touch with each other. I myself have to be so stubbornly lazy when there are deadlines to meet like the 5G Fanart contest, no inspiration but I have all the stocks I need to start working.

I'm suppose to work on the extra vids I'll be adding to the Graduation slides or More appropriately I should call it project "Our Time To Shine". Long but inspired from Gail's (Orduna) speech during the graduation. The only phrase I really took to heart that evening. I thank God for letting go to Bernadette's graduation otherwise I wouldn't have heard something good from the guest speaker. We didn't have that, just Ms. Fiona Rosario to lead the Alumni pledge.

So here I am fulfilling my alumni duties... Another thing I haven't learned in highschool... The singular, the plural, the male, the female, of 'alumni'. Man that school produced a .0001% addition to the so called educated population and .0000001% of the soon to be unemployed rate. Not really hoping for that to happen. I study hard to get myself a good job in the future, and good career.

Missing someone.. cure
"Isn't it that the cure for missing someone is to see them?"
Right now I wish I could do that for Dennis, let him see the people he wanted to see the most. Lately I haven't been sleeping well. It might because I used to sleeping late, thinking about all the things that I have to do but never really work on.

So to say I miss the FURRS.

I'm finally graduating from my old camera. Dad finally agreed to get me a new camera. Apparently the canon series are named differently here in the Philippines. I start seeing how un-informed sales persons are with their products. Makes me wanna ask myself "WHY?!". So yeah after my nose-up-high-hopes to get a SD850 (it's one the best canon compact models as of today) I have to settle with a SD1100. Not so bad, I'm not disappointed either. I just don't know when I'm actually getting the camera.

Albie and Marz... on a broken lens cam shot
Aww I miss her too...

Easy Artworks
Mike can draw. Marz can colour. and together... we make momentous ArT!!!

Catch more Marzial Arts action @ my DeviantArt (check out my site links)

Current Projects
Grad slides... euhggg... No wonder I'm not missing them as much. Try working on your batchmates and classmates pictures and vids 24/7 it's like you still have school except your not wearing your uniform

That just gave me an idea... No one complain. I'll be turning my uniform into a costume. I'll wear it for no good reason

Later Days kids
Love your parents... big time

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