First Shots of Fashion Ability

Hey folks! Finally, I got my own IXUS 80 IS. Its funny how I almost bought this little monster from the wrong shop. I bought it from SM Appliance center... So the saying "We have it all for you" really is fit for SM. I'm surprised that the shops in TriNoMa bragged about having the IXUS 80 but not in the color I wanted and in another shop out conversation went.

4.3.08- browsing for available cameras in Philly.
Sales Person (SP): What is it MA'AM
Marz (M): uh... do you have a Canon SD850?
SP: Uhm.. erm- sorry ma'am what's that?
M: thats the name of the model sorry I'm not familiar with canon model names
SP: eh- sorry ma'am I don't know it either. The name from the SG models and the US models are different. Why don't you look it up in the internet how the camera you like looks like?
M: oh. yeah. I did that *looks at the display* oh this one. So its a IXUX (Blah model name here-)
*takes note of price and model name*... Thanks miss
I changed my mind. I'd go for a IXUS 80 AKA SD1100 instead .

4.4.08- Buying-almost
Shop1 @ Trinoma
M: do you have a Canon IXUS 80?
SP: Uh- you need it now?
M: yeah- kinda
SP: ma'am sorry we don't have that we'll have to order it
M: oh. ok.

Shop2 @ Trinoma
M: do you have a Canon IXUS 80?
SP: why yes we do!
M: can I have one? I'm buying
SP: *Takes out one model*
M: do you have it in blue?
SP: ... nope
M: ok never mind

BOOO! Just like I was hoping for got this baby in the palm of my hands by just imagining it from this

to this

Snappy quality. Fresh out the box. I have yet to list down my limitations. Thank you, I think I can live with this. I have to exercise my "Action Shots".. gonna miss taking those.

Next target... dSLR Haha maybe when I'm in college and I can play with bling already. and I haven't gotten to the good part yet. :}

Fashion Ability 2008
I was amazed by last year's first Fashion ability here in the Philippines. Wonderful designs that I will take lots of inspiration from. Thanks to Paradise Kiss, that is. This year's fashion ability is focused on the French inspired anime La Chevalier D'Eon. I've watch so far only episode one after being a bit disappointed. Dunno, Dun care. So Yeah anyway, Today my lucky day. This was my first shoot to try out the powers of the IXUS 80.

But to cut the test short- This was the dress I loved the most.

Namie Amuro dress?

The dress on the left reminds me of Namie Amuro's dress in one of her photoshoots. Don't get me wrong. I love the style, I love Namie, I dislike the idea of the dress. It looks almost like the dress Namie wore but made with different cloths.

So much for that there's only one male model. Eehpp. No one bothered with the male fashion? ahaha. Well there is one male model. Didn't appeal to me much though. I was imagining more male fashion designs than the females.

that shall conclude the powers of the IXUS 80 for now. I shal go play with it some more now that its finished charging :]

Thanks dad and mum for the lovely grad present. I'll work hard in college as always

Later Days kids

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