A day of Solstice

Hey kids. Today a mini reunion was at hand at the local mall. Its an unavoidable thing. We live in a small world. So yeah. We bumped in Sir Chris and his crew of my senior officers and some from our batch. Long story short. I see too many alumnis in SM.

Now I'm caught between college and going to my cadet's graduation. I haven't had enough of teaching those kids. I hope they'll be a much better model to the kids at school. I can only hope for the best, sad to say. Just make me proud, kids, just make me proud.

Me, Pat, Lea, Jo, and Vanessa met up today to watch a movie.

yo- action shot. ahahhaa

Today's lucky winner is

I'll prolli work on a movie review to post on multiply. Funny how I watched a horror movie just yesterday. Neat neat. Which was better among the two? Between "Carved (A.K.A. Slit-mouthed woman)" (Long title) and Solstice.

Winner is Solstice. Its one of the rare movies that actually has a satisfying ending. It made me almost want to compare it to the other Western movies I've seen lately like Jumper for an instance. Making a review for Solstice would be fun I suppose.

Before seeing the movie
We were choosing between Shutter and Solstice. Thank you, Nani Pat, for the wonderful hunch you had a long time ago. Wanting to watch Solstice. Hey hey! So yeah we did watch Solstice instead of Shutter. I hear that it has a original Japanese movie? eh- Dunno. I'm no fan of horror movies.

Nani Pat treated us to ice cream while we waited for the start of the movie

Yey! ice cream

LOL. Me and my little hearts' desires... Also I find it a bit funny how Lea and Vanessa got nervous before the movie even started. Hahah the seating arrangement. Good think Jo and Pat stayed on both edges of the seats. I couldn't bear sitting near the edge... if you know what I mean.

Since today was mini-reunion. I gave copies of the grad slides for those who ordered. Make sure your reading the info post on this. Sorry if I can't reply to your sms about this. I'll be out for the rest of the week. I have to work on college crack and give myself a break as well. I haven't had a vacation in ages.

That's Marz fo ya mind.

later, kids

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