5G- I won JaeJong!

If there's one thing I appreciate the most today. It would be those dedicated fan girls who made the 5G something that every DBSK/THSK fangirl would enjoy. If they didn't put in time to things like this for us to get together then I wouldn't even think there are people in my country like me (or somewhat like me.) Who enjoy the kind of things that we enjoy. Thank you Cass PH Core and Fans. Let's make DBSK proud!

The Event
We (Baduch and her cousins) hit Robinsons place first and played a few games and checked out some shops... ahaha Good stuff. There's actually a high end place there which we just found. It was there the last time we visited but we didn't bother checking it out. It seems pretty new and there were lots of foreigners around. A bit scary but heck, Its a usual sight just but I didn't imagine to see foreigners at that area. Well, whatever.

wanna know what I wrote?

exactly. :P

This time VJ and Lea didn't come. It's a bummer that Lea had a family thing. Condolences to her and her family. I wish she was with us today. Maybe next time. I'm not so sure of the 6G but I'm excited for it also :)

I'm more than tired to elaborate on everything but most of the things that we did today, I definitely enjoyed. Even if I was rooting to have the Purple Line single. I guess hard work doesn't go unrewarded. Which is true, Linda L. (is that right?) garnered the prize but that's no big to me. HAHAHAHA I'm happy with my own prize.

JAEJONG earings!!!

I love it so lolololol.

I also love the Ate Kring X Baduch moments. Ahahaha We're kids we're young, we all are. Baduch was advised by Ate Kring to 'get out' for summer lol Yes Baduch, MUST go out ahahaha. That was really cute. Long story short Bernadette garnered the good prizes. The O concert cd + dvd (or was that dvd? LOLOLOL dunno) and the T album. Yosh~ And also Ate Tintin's blessings too ahahaha.

What I love most about today.... besides from having Ate Kring hosting the event again heheehe Lee Teuky girl! kekeke

thanks Ate Kring for taking this one also ahahaha so Talented. From Hee Chul to Teuky- ahahaha (It's a inside joke kekeke)

oh geee.. JUst check out my multiply for a load more of today. I might not upload just so soon because the laptop settings refuse to run scripts from sites. I could just bend this one in half. Jeez air mac... ahahah Sorry Chou- don't worry I'm not going to destroy your /this laptop. I'll just pawn it for cash ahohoho LOL. KIdding lah!

Now kids, Enjoy yourselves. I have bearly enough time to enjoy to myself. I'm working on my vacation. Wow.


P.S. I just found out that the blogger in funnysexy.ph is actually Ate Kring. What a small world (0_0).

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FunnySexy said...

Hey! You're the 11 year old kid, right? Haha! Just kidding... I found it amusing that you mentioned your name about 5 times there. I'm glad you enjoyed my hosting. ^_^

I was wondering... You mean you've seen my blog prior to yesterday's event?