When everything's been said and done

LAST DAY of S.Y. 07-08
It didn't feel like it was my last day in school. Literally yes but I don't feel it yet. I'm already seing a big wave coming up ahead. So big it'll hit like a tsunami. When I least expect it.

the only thing I wanted to ask my classmates now... everyone.

Would you cry if one of us left?

Try asking it to everyone. We'll see in what different context they answer. Probably no ones answer would cater to mine.

Lotsa booze, boringness, and randomness
but most of all lots of picture taking happened. Check out the pics @ WRETCH.

supaaaah spartaaans

Not as rockin' as before
Our last 'Last day tugtugan' wasn't as great as the first one. I don't know. I did a little chit-chat opening and warming up but no one seemed to care. Not my problem anyway.

And hey the principal didn't stop us. I don't know what happened last year (I heard it was just as bad or not really.. you tell me) but beats me. That's done.

Before leaving
Guess who left me a little something before he left. This might be the last time we'll get to talk in dog years.

This couldn't be Nems. HA HA, you think?

Tell you what, you still lost to me for the same reason why I stopped being there for you.
You have a good life now. I don't want you to go down the same road as I did. You just keep fighting.

I'll just keep dancing in the dark.

Ayla & Noe hugging for the last time in the classroom

In world war III
Congratulations! Juno called. He's not graduating YET, he's in the same class as I am with YaeJong. So yey for the threesome... Soon to be a DUO. I don't know also, I wouldn't want to make any assumptions yet. The Jocks calls "Come back to work already" (Ok, I will. just give me a break- summer break)

Have not completely lost it yet
I don't know what I want anymore. I don't feel like celebrating either my birthday or graduation. Why the heck do we celebrate birthdays anyway? It's not like it's a good thing, right? I don't know where that petition is going to if the principal doesn't say yes. I don't want to work on the slides yet because there's not final puts to it. WHY BOTHER?

My mates, finishing their requirements; others sulking

Now I wonder if I will ever recover. I was wishing that whatever misfortune happened to me last year of the same days would have just happened this year instead. I don't know where everyone went all of a sudden.

"I heard you say I love you, the sincerest, for one last time. It's enough, thank you"

Thank you seniors, Thank you Saint Claire, Thank you God.

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