STUPID DOG, returns

maybe I haven't said so but last Friday my little skinny dog (Dude, I think it's anorexic) ran away after I arrived home after being picked up by dad. I said

"Too bad that dog doesn't know how to go home"

Two days later...
"Why'd it have to come back?"
Don't get me wrong. I'm not an animal hate but DUDE! it left... why the heck did it come back? Did it finally realize that no one's gonna feed it outside of the house? NO DUH.
Tagpi finally behaved itself. I just hope Teddy and Hanna doesn't get galis or whatever infection it might have gotten the last 24+ hours that it was out. MORE RESPONSIBILITIES / LIABILITIES. Taking it to the vet. no questions asked.

BLA BLA BLA. Guess whose moving to WRETCH
Ok no big, but it's nice... Well I'm getting a hang of it as of now. I'm there because of the kids who keep stealing my webstuff from me. GOD I just hate hate that! Another plus is that... Do you understand Mandarin?

Just kidding. The site has posts in Mandarin but are also translated into English. No worries. and yeah. I'm moving my pictures there. Everything a bit too personal in multiply is going to WRETCH. It didn't feel appropriate putting personal pics in multiply in the first place.

I'll see ya kids later

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