Stooped Dashing

Tonight is the Mr. and Ms. Campus Coronation night...

25 mins before the show + The dressing room stories
Yeah and for being friends with the candidate I get the privilege to go check her out on the dressing room. Not allowed to check out the boys though (OK just kidding, I didn't have to see any of them) boys will be boys I suppose.

I just loved Lharen's get up I hardly even recognized her when I started looking for the rest. I only recognized her after I saw Vanessa. WHOO. Same goes for Jenny (Pernia). I liked Lharen's formal wear the best second is Jenny... Belle get up.. She takes after me "Cosplayer of the night"

Best parts of the modeling
dayuum I just felt like giving out a good laugh from Noe in his "Sports" attire

He's the only one who dared to go out on his swim suit... I didn't bother putting it up on my multiply yet. YEAuhhh.... but what's even funnier was the crowd of girls (and it's composition) who cheered for him. Ha ha, you know who you guys are.

It was a lovely night but my companions seemed to have other plans in mind. I'll still go anyway. Must watch Reina! very sorry about the missed falsetto part since I was having q-time with Nani Pat and Lea the other weekend so I seriously needed to make up for it.

Mind you Reina looked reaaaaaaly cute in red. Also by the way, this set is my "Ground Shaking" Set of pictures ever taken. LITERALLY . I only got a few good shots, hopefully my next camera will have an anti-shake or shake-reduction feature. Sorry I'm an ex-steroid druggie.

Now the only missing thing are the kids who scream "BOOOOOO-ring!!!!!!"

seriously do you even call that an audience? Dead air killed the pageant faster than a speeding bullet. Was the show THAT boring? were the contestant THAT boring? WHY weren't you even applauding, per se on the right time? geez... O'course I wasn't the only one who thought that. Dennis seriously wanted to kill dead air. DEAD as IN DEAD audiences. Maybe I got used to the Korean fan girls who would scream to kill the dead air before it happens (They're a great motivation). Most pathetic part was that the audiences would cheer when there was dead air.... every time during the Q&A. The longest "uuhhhh..." "uhm..." would get the loudest cheer.

The heck was so amusing about that? sorry for being hypocritical but yeah. What? where we so 'educated' all of a sudden? Sir Paul's hosting was cool too. The audiences enjoyed him for sure.

my comment... "that's nice" I give PLUS for the effort.. they say (Now I say too).

I'll skip all the BORING stuff before I get pruned by the admin (Yeah if your reading this, I kinda had a problem or don't fuss... maybe I'm just not happy tonight)

Yey! Reina won thanks for her breif but meaningful answer at the Q&A portion. Haha that ensured her spot.

conclusion... if you're pretty and pretty smart. You have what people call. "IQ"
STUPID CUTE ain't it? (sorry for another shameless plug) pwahahah

Late days

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